Pakistani pacer Hasan Ali stole the show with his spontaneous dance moves during the Barefoot Circle Ceremony at the Optus Stadium in Perth. The video capturing his hilarious performance quickly went viral, earning applause not only from his Pakistani teammates but also from Australian cricketers and fans.

Known for his off-field charisma, the 29-year-old fast bowler has consistently delighted fans with his infectious laughter and humorous antics. His ability to bring levity to the game extends beyond the pitch, and this latest incident showcased his playful side during a traditional Australian cricket ceremony.

The Barefoot Circle Ceremony, a customary tradition in Australian Cricket, marks the commencement of the Perth Test series. Taking place on Thursday, December, the ceremony added a touch of cultural significance to the opening day of the Test series between Australia and Pakistan.

As the ceremony commenced, Hasan Ali, brimming with enthusiasm, spontaneously took to the dance floor, entertaining both teams present at the event. The crowd at the Optus Stadium joined in the appreciation, ensuring that the lighthearted moment transcended team boundaries.

Despite the joyous prelude, Pakistan faced a challenging start to the Test series, suffering a humiliating 306-run defeat against the hosts in the 1st Test in Perth. As the cricketing saga continues, the focus now shifts to the upcoming 2nd Test of the three-match series, set to unfold at the Melbourne Cricket Stadium on December 26.