Street Fighter 6 is the Game of the Year. Yeah, 2023 has been a truly incredible year for game releases (though certainly not for the industry, what with all the brutal rounds of lay-offs), but even among such stiff competition, Street Fighter 6 stands tall.

Or, at least, that’s what I’d say. I know that Dom also agrees with me, because I’m a mind reader but also because they’ve pre-recorded some thoughts on how brilliant it is. So, the opinion presented here might differ to some of the other VG247 GOTY picks from other staff – but Street Fighter 6 is the only one with the Editor-in-Chief behind it. Not even Baldur’s Gate has that going for it; so there – shut it.

Street Fighter 6 does it all. It has it all. It’s a barnstorming evolution of a beloved franchise, respectful to the past but focused on the future. It’s mega-polished, competitively sound, and a brilliant platform to host a generation’s worth of expansion and competition. It may very well be the best fighting game of all time.

If you want to hear the full reasoning for the Street Fighter love-in, a short video of us waxing lyrical about how brilliant it is has been prepared for your viewing enjoyment.

Watch on YouTube

Once you’ve watched that, you should consider hitting up VG247’s Street Fighter 6 archive. There’s our glowing 5-star review from launch, musings on the validity of modern controls, and praise for the game’s story mode. And for a bit of balance, here’s some concerned negativity about the state of some of the game’s paid DLC – a single sin for Capcom to think on in 2024.

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