Dogs are flea magnets! Although you try to keep every spot of your house clean fleas will manage to infest your house. There are many ways fleas can infest your house but that is not important at this point. Rather we would get straight to the difference between the two popular methods of flea medication for dogs.

Moreover, people rely on topical medicinal alternatives as well as the oral tablets ingestion method prominently. However, many pet parents get to know about the actual difference between the two after they use it for a substantial period of time. Hence, we have prepared this article to describe the functioning for both the methods and difference between the two.

About Flea Medication for Dogs

Firstly, we can start with understanding the parasites in general which infest your home and can end up infesting your dog too. Dogs are not only prone to fleas but also ticks, Lyme disease, gnats, mosquitoes, etc.

Generally, the pooches having thick coat will not suffer from the mosquitoes bites. On the other hand, they might be a perfect environment for the fleas and ticks. Therefore, you cannot lay relaxed to expecting that regular cleaning or bathing your dog will save him from parasite infestation.

These parasites survive in warm environments and of course, on a host with healthy fur! In fact, these parasites can pass from an infected host to any probable host while getting in his/her proximity. It means fleas can reach to dogs either from feline creatures or others including humans.

Having said that, at least you shall start with medicating your Fido without wasting any time if such severity arises. Keep reading about the functioning of the two methods of flea medication for dogs in the next section.

Dog Flea Medication Popular Methods

These are the best flea medication for dogs, you have to apply one externally whereas another is meant for ingestion.

Review of Topical Flea Treatment for Dogs

Firstly, we will start with the externally used flea medicine for dogs. As the matter of fact, the title of the method describes the basics of the apparent flea medication for dogs.

Generally, topical meds are available in liquid. You have to apply the liquid medicinal solution to the skin of the back and neck of the dog. It will not allow the dog to lick the medicine. Also, the medicine will have its effect on the whole body of the dog despite applying it on the neck and back.

Adding to the fact, the spread on medication remains on the skin of the Fido and hence, it kills the fleas before even they bite the dog. It will not only save the dog from getting infected from Lyme disease too. Not to mention, most of the topical flea medication for dogs eliminate fleas, lice, ticks, mosquitoes which makes it useful.

  • Useful for for killing/repelling fleas, ticks, lice, mosquitoes, etc.
  • Stays effective for a month.
  • Parasites get affected by the medicine without biting the dog.
  • Can arouse skin inflammation or irritation.

Oral Flea Treatment for Dogs

best oral flea and tick prevention for dogs

The oral flea medication for dogs is rather very specific and have lesser skin inflammation compared to the topical medication. In this case, you will have two options i.e. swallow tablets or chewable tablets. You can go with either of them depending upon the preference of your champ.

This medicine will directly reach the blood vessels of the host and start killing the parasites in half an hour to six hours of time. However, the parasites need must get in contact with the blood of the host by biting to get affected.

On the other hand, most of the oral flea medication for dogs can only kill adult fleas. Also, you can give one tablet every day to the dog until all the fleas are dead. However, this method is far reliable for fleas than the topical flea treatments.

  • Easy to chew or swallow pills.
  • Does not develop skin allergies, irritation, inflammation of any kind.
  • Parasites need to bite to get affected by the medicine.
  • Most meds will kill fleas only.

Best Flea Medication for Dogs Out of the Two

To say the least, both of these medicines will be useful for all the pooches usually. However, the flea control tablet is the best option if your pooch already has any skin allergies or has sensitivity. On the other hand, topical medicine is the best during severe flea infestations.