A group of talented automotive designers have come together to imagine what a beautiful and innovative car could look like were it to adopt a neo-renaissance style in the modern age, perfectly symbolizing “a tribute to the past while embracing the innovations of the future.” It is dubbed the Aegis and is striking, to say the least.

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The concept sprang to life in the digital realm by a group of professionals in their own free time. The team includes ex-VW designer Grigorii Butin, BMW Designworks member Quichen Lee, Dazz Design Team’s Sandeep Dasari, Volvo lead artist Tiago Aiello, and senior designer Artem Shkirenko. Their project takes the form of a sleek two-door sports car that appears somewhat similar in size to the Aston Martin Vantage.

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Situated at the front of the concept is a large grille that gives the car a very friendly and approachable face. This grille is then complemented by a pair of thin LED headlights and a relatively restrained bumper void of any unnecessary air intakes like so many other sports cars on the market at the moment.

We’re particularly fond of the car’s side profile. The shape of the front quarter panels is particularly intriguing and follows the shape of the wheels. Those behind the Aegis have also ensured the doors are nice and smooth with flush door handles. A set of wheels combining painted elements in silver and carbon fiber accents also catch the eye.

The digital study also has heaps of glass. Not only does it have a large windshield and side windows complemented with thin pillars but the entire roof and rear hatch are covered by an expansive piece of glass. While building a car with this much glass would be difficult, it’s mesmerizing to look at.

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Then there’s the interior. It too is quite unlike any current production car and consists of a futuristic steering wheel and a retro-themed instrument cluster that looks like a clock. The dashboard is free of any visible air vents and extremely minimalist. A pair of carbon fiber seats clad in black leather have also been fitted.

  • Exterior Design, Project Author – Grigorii Butin, Senior Exterior Designer, ex-VW Designer
  • Interior Design – Qiuchen Lee, Senior Interior Designer, BMW Designworks
  • Digital Design – Sandeep Dasari, Digital Sculptor; Dazz Design Team
  • Visualization – Tiago Aiello, Lead Artist at Volvo
  • Visualization, Animation – Artem Shkirenko, Senior Visualization Artist

Note: This is an independent design study that has not been endorsed by any car manufacturer