Seedtag is a contextual advertising company that aims to create highly impactful and engaging solutions for relevant premium visual content, powering targeting and returns for top publishers and the finest brands. The company’s contextual AI helps brands engage with costumers within their universe of interest on a cookie-free basis.

The Lowdown

Contextual Audiences by Seedtag is designed to provide advertisers with a new targeting capability that empowers them to engage with modern consumer interests without relying on personal data. Contextual Audiences aims to effectively address the hurdles of reach, scale and privacy that advertisers commonly encounter with the coming deprecation in third-party tracking cookies.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

Powered by real-time analysis of web content, Seedtag seeks to ensure relevant and up-to-date audiences that evolve based on network insights, enabling advertisers to target audiences based on the content they’re currently consuming rather than their past behavior.

By activating Seedtag Contextual Audiences, brands can target precise interests rather than broad stereotypes, capturing their target audience’s attention and engaging them at the optimal moment to maximize campaign effectiveness.

Who It’s For

The introduction of Contextual Audiences showcases Seedtag’s commitment to providing comprehensive and flexible solutions that align with advertisers’ changing needs. As the advertising landscape continues to evolve, Seedtag intends to deliver cutting-edge AI technology to help brands excel in their campaigns.

What It Solves

In response to advertisers’ rapidly evolving and diverse needs, Seedtag’s new contextual audience groups precisely meet each campaign’s unique requirements while respecting user privacy.

What Makes It Special

Seedtag offers brands many ways to connect with their audience:

  • Signature Audiences: These audiences have predefined configurations, offering advertisers distinct options for specific verticals and across markets. Additionally, they allow for a certain level of customization to accommodate specific advertiser preferences.
  • Seasonal Audiences: These audiences focus on specific temporal events marked by a specific timeframe.
  • Custom Audiences: Some campaigns demand a level of specificity that signature audiences might not fulfill. For such scenarios, Seedtag has harnessed the ability to build a campaign-specific machine-learning model that precisely matches the client’s brief. This model analyzes every URL and provides a score based on the most relevant content to help connect brands with a niche audience.