Vaishali Shadangule has created more than 30 looks for her collection, Satori.

Vaishali S, the eponymous label of designer Vaishali Shadangule will present the Fall Winter 2024 collection on June 24, 2024.

A pioneer in textile wearable art, Vaishali Shadangule has been weaving a sustainable story with her collections. The signature cording and draping styles are all set to come alive once again in her new collection, Satori.

The Fall/Winter 2024 line will be presented on June 24 during Paris Haute Couture Week at Solum Pairs, Pont Alexandre III, Rive Gauche. With more than 30 looks created for the collection, Vaishali aims to celebrate her Indian roots with a blend of sustainable and contemporary aesthetics inspired by nature.

Couture, cording and creativity have been Vaishali’s forte when it comes to runway shows and with Satori, Vaishali aims to create an ‘ahah’ moment through the collection. So with the signature seamless sense of flow, there is a sudden enlightenment that will embrace each design on the runway.

Vaishali S is back in Paris to showcase a new season and unveil Satori during Paris Haute Couture Week, in partnership with Tanishq.

Couture, cording and creativity have been your forte when it comes to runway shows, what inspires you every time you sit down to ideate?

It is always Nature. By “observing” Nature, and “feeling” her energy, I realise layers of what happens within me and in the world. We are all children of the same energy and by a combined seeing and feeling Nature we can capture the essence of things.

By reflecting on this, I represent on my canvas (my garments) what I feel. You can see that often my representations are very abstract because they just want to share my feelings.

It draws deeply from the concept of sudden enlightenment and profound insight, translating these themes into designs that evoke clarity, simplicity, and elegance.

Models walked barefoot at your last Paris show that beautifully resonated with the theme of your collection ‘I am nature’. This year, as you redirect your creative journey, how do you plan to celebrate your roots in this new vision?

My roots are always there everywhere in one or the other form. Starting from my fabrics which are only handwoven in Indian villages. And that for me is the real celebration and the core of all my activity. All the rest is choreography for the main mission. This year the sustainable side will be important and visible. In our villages we do not throw away anything, and I consider this a very strong trait of our roots.

Surface texturing combined with an array of colours have always been a highlight of your collection, are there any new additions this season?

Oh yes, this season there is one big addition, you will notice it immediately. And it is quite interesting how I created this technique for my interiors line, and from there how it translated in my fashion line. Even here the process has been revolutionised.

Patterns include personal representations of the flow of energy of Nature, reflecting her beauty and the impermanence of life.

Showcasing on a global platform, are there any lessons you have learnt over the years and would like to share with aspiring designers who want to showcase at international fashion weeks?

Oh, so many learnings from each international platform and from each season on each platform. I would say to showcase successfully at an international platform you must keep quality at the maximum, and you have to be yourself with as much as a strong distinguishing character as possible.