Pakistani actors slam Hrithik Roshan-Deepika Padukone’s film for spreading hate, director reacts

The trailer of Hrithik Roshan-Deepika Padukone’s film Fighter has garnered positive responses so far from fans that are awaiting the release on January 25. However, a couple of Pakistani actors have expressed their displeasure over the same and alleged the narrative spreads hate.

Pakistani actress Hania Aamir took to her Instagram and wrote, “So sad and unfortunate to know that there are artists out there in this day and age who are aware of the power that the cinema holds and still go ahead and feed the riff between the two countries.  I feel sorry for the artists who try to bridge the gap by trusting their art as a medium. Distasteful; let art breathe.”

Responding to the same, a user replied to her story on X and wrote- “didn’t she literally work in a movie which was anti india lol if indians celebs have no issue with the anti india stuff pak celebs do in movies and in reality why do pak celebs care so much.” Seeing this, the director of the film Siddharth Anand commented with a thinking emoji:

His second reaction was ‘Oh!’ on another post about the 2018 Pakistani film Parwaaz Hai Junoon.

Fighter trailer has arrived and started to take over. The trailer has collected 102 million views and counting across all the platforms. The trailer is the most-watched YouTube video in the last 24 hours. It is also trending at No. 1 on YouTube in last 24 hours. Well, it’s indeed just the beginning as the Fighter will surely win many more milestones ahead. It has indeed justified that India’s biggest aerial action spectacle is on its way for its release on the eve of India’s 75th Republic Day, 25th January 2024.

Fighter brings together two smoldering humans Hrithik Roshan and Deepika Padukone for the first time. Anand knows how to use his leads, make them play characters assigned to them but also allow them to be what their fans want them to be. So it doesn’t matter if Hrithik and Deepika are Air Force officers, they have to flaunt their enviable bodies to gratify our appetites. In slow motion, period.

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