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Man Steals LA Police Cruiser With Cop Still Inside Before Crashing

Two civilians and the injured officer all went to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries

 Man Steals LA Police Cruiser With Cop Still Inside Before Crashing

  • A suspect jumped into a police cruiser in the early hours of the morning and drove away.
  • In the process, he brought an LAPD officer with him in the car before smashing into two cars, some scooters, and a pole.
  • Thankfully, everyone involved survived without life-threatening injuries.

Around 3:30 in the morning last Sunday, LAPD officers were conducting a security detail near the Graffiti Towers when someone hopped into one of their cars. What that suspect likely didn’t expect was an officer in the car as they tried to speed away. The pursuit was brief but the damage was extensive and involved several vehicles.

Officers were patrolling the area as it’s been a target of vandals recently. It’s unclear what led the suspect to attempt the theft. The officer in question was either already in the patrol car or near it when the suspect entered. As they sped off, the officer was dragged down the road for a short time.

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Then, the patrol car driver slammed into not one but two minivans driving in the area. They subsequently hit several scooters, a bike rack, and a pole before coming to a stop. Officers arrested the individual a short time later as they fled on foot. “My thought was, ‘Why is this patrol car doing about 60 to 70 mph, flying with no lights?” said witness Tray Lee to NBC Los Angeles.

As of this writing, the LAPD hasn’t released the suspect’s name, gender, or charges. Notably, it did say that the Robbery Homicide Division responded to the scene and will handle the investigation. It also indicated that the fire department paramedics examined the suspect and cleared them for arrest processing.

There were at least three people in the two vans. Two of them and the officer all went to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. The officer is expected to make a full recovery. The incident is a good reminder that wild things can happen to just about anyone at any time.

Recently suspects approached a person in a parking lot and tried to steal their luxury SUV. In that scenario, the owner simply ran away with the key in hand and the suspects had no recourse. Always be on the lookout for potentially dangerous situations to reduce the risk of a similar occurrence.

Image Credit: KTLA

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