It’s Shah Rukh Khan vs Shah Rukh Khan for best actor this year as he gets nominated for ‘Dunki’ and ‘Jawan’

At the 69th Filmfare Awards, Shah Rukh Khan seems to have set his rule. The superstar who has totally ruled over the year with three blockbusters, Pathaan, Jawan, and Dunki. Alongside Pathaan and Jawan, SRK’s contributions have amounted to a massive 2600 Cr, contributing to Bollywood’s earnings! While the superstar has been creating waves all over the year, his blockbusters Pathaan and Jawan is now been nominated in the category of Best Film at the 69th Filmfare Awards.

Shah Rukh Khan is nominated in the best actor category for Jawan and Dunki. SRK’s Dunki has also been nominated for best actor (critics) category as well as in the best supporting category. SRK’s Pathaan and also nominated in the Best Director category. In the director category, the nominees include Jawan helmer by Atlee, Siddharth Anand for Pathaan. Now it would be worth looking, at what categories the superstar will take home and specifically for which film. This way, SRK will be facing the competition with himself at the award ceremony.

SRK has also created a phenomenon by drawing whooping 8 Cr. footfalls throughout the year, with Jawan contributing 3.93 Cr., Pathaan 3.20 Cr. , and Dunki over 1 Cr. so far — becoming the first ever Hindi film actor to do so. Shah Rukh Khan has indeed hit a hat trick by delivering three blockbusters in a single year with Pathaan, Jawan, and Dunki.

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Khan was recently awarded the Indian Of The Year at the CNN-News18 Indian of the Year 2023. The actor-producer delivered an impeccable speech after receiving the award and one of the memorable lines was “I don’t just feel like the Indian of the Year, I feel, I’ve been the Indian of all the years gone by and I will be the Indian for the all the years to come. I am actually, ladies and gentlemen, the Indian for all ages.”

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