With dried zombie blood on the windshield and situated a mile from the nearest road, you’ll need some courage to stay in this Unimog that stared in The Walking Dead.

 Glamp Out In A Mercedes Unimog From ‘The Walking Dead’ And ‘The Hunger Games’ On Airbnb

A 1966 Mercedes Unimog featured on screen in a number of post-apocalyptic productions, including “The Walking Dead” and “The Hunger Games” is being offered as an Airbnb in rural Alabama, and you can stay there for $102 per night.

Unfortunately, the German off-road transport vehicle is only available as a stationary RV, and you will not be allowed to drive it. However, to get to it, you will have to trust the owners, because the off-grid camping spot is a 1.25-mile ride from the nearest road.

Located on a 105-acre property in Kimberly, Alabama, outside of Birmingham, the off-the-grid spot is billed as a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. However, with “zombie blood” dried onto the Unimog’s windshield, it may not be everyone’s idea of relaxing.

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If you’re brave enough to rent it out, your camping spot will at least be pretty. In addition to the Unimog, there’s also a large gazebo with an enclosed bathroom, and an upper deck where guests can participate in open-air camping. Just above that, there’s also an observation tower from which you can stargaze, and which only accessible by ladder.

The Unimog is a 1966 model, and the owners say that this one was first used as a German communications vehicle. However, it has now been converted into a simple RV with a double mattress/futon.

In addition to the Unimog, the Airbnb listing’s owners offer guests the opportunity to enjoy miles of hiking trails and excellent fishing. When the night falls, guests can gather around a fire and and make s’mores, kits for which are available for sale from the hosts. Of course, they kindly suggest packing bug repellent – unless you’re a fan of surprise mosquito parties, then by all means, leave it behind.

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