Humorously Yours is a show that shows the life of comedian Vipul Goyal. From TVF to MX Player to Zee5, the three seasons have seen different platforms but the central conflict about chaos and confusion still remains the same. It’s not just about a man standing on the stage and cracking jokes and going home and enjoying social media validation. It’s also about what happens if you encounter everything that’s opposite of what’s written above.

The team of TVF have always had a sharp eye on humor and an astute understanding of issues ranging from student lives to the country’s climate. And to turn these conflicts around with an unforgettable comical aspect is an art they have mastered by now. Humorously Yours is more than just a generic moniker, it’s literally a man named Vipul Goyal, daring to dream and surrendering himself to a packed crowd that cheers for him and laughs at his jokes. But he also has to face the wrath of a nasty audience that laughs at him and not with him. The one preposition can devastate any comedian’s ability.

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We have witnessed cameos by Johny Lever, Tanmay Bhatt, Anubhav Singh Bassi, and each of them have a different yet similar take on how to ace the art of comedy. The chefs might be different, the dish remains the same. Goyal is married to Rasika Dugal, and she too takes digs at him. This is a show where comedy transcends stage and shows. There’s humor even in despair. And Vipul Goyal disappears into the role of Vipul Goyal. The line between fiction and real disappears and not just blurs the moment we first meet him.

Is this a documentary? No. Is this a biopic? No. And yet, the proceedings brim with realism and the experiences he goes through genuinely look lived. Humorously Yours is a gaze at all the aspiring and even established artists that keep their pain aside to entertain a crowd, and take further pain if the shows turn out to be a train-wreck. They still hold their heads high and give a reshot every time. Sometimes, there’s a lot more comedy happening in their real lives than during their performances. More than humorously, this feels like Ironically Yours.