The one-off is joined by a milder kit that will be offered for sale in Japan transforming the Twingo from a cute puppy to a French Bulldog

January 17, 2024 at 07:20

 C’eLavie 105 Maxi Is A Widebody Renault Twingo From Japan That Will Soon Get A V6

Renault has already previewed the all-new fourth generation of the Twingo, but it’s the outgoing model that attracted the attention of Japanese tuner Hatano. The company revealed a tuning package for the RWD French hatch at the 2024 Tokyo Auto Salon, alongside a rally-spec concept that will soon receive a V6 engine transplant.

Starting with the craziest of the two, the C’eLavie 105 Maxi Concept looks like a proper successor to the R5 Turbo and the Clio V6. The blue and orange livery is inspired by the 2013 Renault Twin’Run Concept, although Hatano’s bodykit is even wilder compared to the original.

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Hatano / Tokyo Auto Salon

The highlight is the redesigned fenders that make the Twingo a full 210 mm (8.3 inches) wider than stock. Those are joined by sharp extensions at the front, cooling intakes on the rear doors, and mirror-replacing cameras. The deeper front bumper is occupied by six round LEDs, making up for the blacked-out headlights. At the back, there is a large roof-mounted wing, extra inlets, and a new exhaust above the elongated diffuser. Finally, the rally-spec gold-finished alloy wheels were originally created for the Alpine A110 sportscar by French tuner Ravage in collaboration with OZ Racing.

Hatano says that after the show, they will replace the rear-mounted turbo 0.9-liter three-cylinder engine of the Twingo, with a more fitting supercharged V6. This explains the two-seater cabin, the roll cage, and the side intakes. As a refresher, the original Renault Twin’Run Concept came fitted with a Nissan-sourced 3.5-liter V6 that produced 320 hp (239 kW / 324 PS), although it is not clear if Hatano will use a similar unit for its build.

The Limited-Production C’eLavie 105

Unlike the concept that will remain a one-off, the tuner also showed the slightly toned-down C’eLavie 105 which is destined for a limited production run. This one has a different bodykit that adds 105 mm (4.1 inches) of width, transforming the Twingo from a “cute puppy” to a “French Bulldog”.

Hatano / Tokyo Auto Salon

The redesigned front bumper integrates quad round LEDs inspired by rallying. The profile is enhanced by wider fenders and a new set of rear doors helping them fade into the rest of the bodywork. The tail has also been widened thanks to a new bumper with additional vents below the taillights. Finally, there is a discreet rear spoiler and two small-diameter tailpipes.

In order to justify the beefed-up looks, the tuner will offer the option of a performance upgrade. This increases the output of the turbocharged 0.9-liter powertrain from the stock 109 hp (80 kW / 110 PS) to a healthier 138 hp (103 kW / 140 PS). The mild power boost is combined with strengthened engine mounts, and an off switch for the traction control making the Twingo more tail-happy.

Hatano didn’t announce the cost of the C’eLavie 105 kit, but its limited availability and the extent of the visual upgrades will likely result in a hefty price tag. In any case, the RWD hot hatch will be exclusively available in Japan.