Cats are cute. A plain truth, nothing exaggerated. A cat person would be able to see a cat’s cuteness even when actually it is being grumpy. When kitty is everywhere around you (Well, a real cat if you’re a cat parent, and if not, your coffee mug, your screen background, your snickers, a cat tee etc.) how can you miss to see what the best cats across the globe are up to?

Best Cat Instagram Accounts for Cat Lovers

Here we have prepared a list of 25 Best Cat Instagram Accounts for you to follow them and enjoy what they post. Enter the list and tell us which kitty you liked the most.

Robert Dollwet (@catmantoo)

Meet Robert Dollwet’s cats: Didga and Boomer.

To your surprise, both the cats are Guinness World Record holder. Didga is now the world’s most talented cat

Well, there is too much to say about Robert. In a nutshell, he is one of the great animal trainers and behaviorists on this planet. To know more about him, check out their website at

The mainstream of this Instagram page is photos and videos of outings of Didga and Boomer along with Robert and his other doggies.

Richard Kitty (@richard_kitty)

This is what I noticed about Richard the cat when I saw him for the first time:

A handsome boy with different colored eyes.

Richard was adopted from a Southern California shelter when he was 2 years old. You would love to see how he is living a life with his pawrents and being pampered.

Sam (@samhaseyebrows)

The next on my list at No. 23 is Sam, the cat with eyebrows. He was found abandoned by their previous humans and was found in front of their neighbor’s house in a cat carrier.

Amanda decided to foster him until he’s adopted but later no one came to adopt and this sweet little kitty got his forever home with Amanda. The mainstream of this Instagram account is Sam’s fancy cute indoor photos. You can visit their website to know more about Sam.

Pudge (@pudgethecat)

Meet Pudge, a cat with a mustache. Her meowmy take her wherever she travels. The mainstream of this Instagram page is photos and videos of Pudge documenting her lifestyle. She likes sleeping, cuddling, and donuts. Pudge was adopted from a shelter in Chicago. Go to their website to know more about her.

PrincessMonsterTruck © (@princessmonstertruck)

The next on my list is the girl Princess Monster Truck. She has an underbite which makes her look different and special than other cats. When she was abandoned by her parents she was rescued by her humans, Tracy and her beloved one and gave her a forever home.

Their Instagram feed is awesome. What I love the most about the Monster Cat is her photos when she is sometimes sitting on a bookshelf, on a bed with piled up clothes, watching outside the window and yeah, inside a shopping bag too! Head over to their website for shopping cool cat stuff.

Nikki Martinez (@myfosterkittens)

Next on my list is Nikki Martinez’s Instagram page. She works in Animal Welfare in Las Vegas, Nevada. She has been fostering cats since 2012. And two years later she decided to document her fostering journey with all the kitties.

In no time this page got an overwhelming response on Instagram and became famous. The mainstream of this Instagram page is foster kitties.

Moreover, Nikki is a volunteer with a group in Las Vegas which does TNR (trap, Neuter, Return) for feral cats.

If you shop from her online store, a part of its proceeding will be donated to Animal Welfare groups. Head over to their website and know more about Nikki and her work.

Izzy & Zoë The Cats (@izzyandthefluff)

Meet Izzy and Zoe. Both are British Mixed Short Hair sisters living with their parents in the Netherlands. Their meowmy Joanne runs the Instagram account of Izzy and Zoe. Both the kitties have unique heart melting features. Zoe has a heart-shaped marking on her chest and also has the longer fur which is why her nickname is ‘the fluff’.

Izzy has her own fan following with irresistible and expressive owl-eyed cute face. Know more about them on their website. Their meowmy has great photography skills also.

Atchoumthecat (@atchoumthecat)

Atchoum is a Persian kitten. Well, its amber eyes and long hair make him look like a dog but he isn’t. Atchoum suffered from a rare condition called congenital hypertrichosis due to which his hair grows fast and paws get thicker. Are you wondering what his name means? Here is the answer.

Actually, Atchoum is the French equivalent of Ah-choo, atchoo, or ahchoo, the sound of sneezing.

The mainstream of this account is his photos in his cool fancy apparels. Moreover, if you want to know his story, head over the website

Nathan the Beach Cat (@nathan_thebeachcat)

Nathan and Winnie are both the beach cats. Their parents Rian and Mellisa have adopted them when they were few weeks old. Both the kitties are domestic short hair. Nathan is an advocate of black cats and animal welfare and has earned a position of RSPCA embassador.

Winnie joined the family later and she quickly became a part of the family. The mainstream of this page is their photos on beaches. You know what? Instagram follows these superawesome kitties!

Simon’s Cat © (@simonscatofficial)

How can Simon’s Cat not be on my list when I’m listing the best cat Instagram pages?

Simon actually has cats and they often give appearances on Simon’s Instagram page.

Well, most of the time you’re going to see his animated Simon’s cat on the page. If you’re a fan of Simon’s Cat Series then I don’t have to tell you to follow this page. Ps. here are the names of Simon’s cats: Jess, Maisy, Teddy, Hugh, Lilly, and Poppy.

Living emoji cat (@rexiecat)

Meet the Living Emoji Cat, Rexie! He is so adorable and his distinct face matches the cat face we see in the emojis.

Well, apart from this, Rexie is special. He is a handicat (handicap).

His two legs are not working and he walks using his pink wheels. He is a model for the cat stuff his mother sell online. You will find handmade scarfs, key-chains, and calendars. Well, there is much more than I’ve mentioned about Rexie.

Head over to their website for more about Rexie and what he has for you.

Cindy in Seattle (@foster_kittens)

Fostering kittens is a totally different pleasure of being great. Cindy has been fostering cats in Seattle, Washington since 2012.

On her Instagram account, you will find tiny newborn feline furballs being nurtured with love and affection by their foster mother Cindy. I love to observe the newborns growing and being safe and sound with their humans. Enjoy lil kittens while surfing your Instagram feed. Do you want to know more about Cindy and what she does? Head over to their website

Alice, Finnegan & Oliver (@pitterpatterfurryfeet)

Alright folks, at no. 13 this is the page with three little creatures: Alice, Finnegan, and Oliver. Alice and Finnegan are Siberian Lynx Point cats. Alice is a super cute girl while Finnegan is a little cuddle-bug boy. Oliver is a Havanese doggie.

The mainstream of this Instagram page is this trio posing for the photographs in their fancy avatars mostly indoors. Well, their parents, Holly and Monica are photographers and exactly knows how to capture them in frames!

Cole and Marmalade™ (@coleandmarmalade)

Meet Cole and Marmalade. Cole is a mixed breed cat adopted by his parents Jess and Chris. However, they believe Cole is a Turkish Angora. Cole was rescued a day before by their friend. Marmalade is a short hair ginger Tabby boy. He’s a hero. He fought cancer and won. Well, if you want to know more about them, head over to their website

The mainstream of this Instagram account is photos and videos of Cole and Marmalade playing around and enjoying their life with their great parents. You will see humorous posts with cats in fancy avatars.

Waffles (@waffles_the_cat)

The next on my list is Waffles, a Scottish Fold boy. He was adopted from a couple who was on a visit to shelter to adopt a dog instead. Well, they found Waffles so cute and brought him home. Have look at the post of him I’ve embedded here.

Now you will be surprised to know that Waffles was not able to be adopted quickly because it looked ugly to people.

What an irony! And right now Waffles has more than 670k followers on Instagram alone. The mainstream of this Instagram page is Waffles in his fancy avatar.

Moreover, Waffle has cool stuff for you and your kitty. So head over to their website and see what Waffle has for you.

Hannah Shaw (@kittenxlady)

The next on my list is Hannah Shaw. Her Instagram page is a must follow by every person whether they like cats or not. Why? The prime reason is you will know actually what to do when you see stray kittens without their mother and how to rescue them.

Okay, so this part was important why Hannah is on this list. The remaining part is adorableness and you’ll get to meet new kittens and how they’re doing.

The mainstream of this Instagram page is Hanna’s life with her kittens. You can go and support their organization by donating and adopting cats. Head over to their website for more information at

Hosico Cat (@hosico_cat)

Next on my list is the cat boy, Hosico. Hosico was born and live in Russia. His name ‘Hosico’ means ‘Star Child’ in Japanese. This fluffy boy is different than the Suki (a Bengal cat on my list at no. 8) as Hosico spends most of his day in his home. So, the mainstream includes his daily life captured in frames. I’ve mentioned one such video over here where you can see him playing with his puzzle. If you have never had a cat or can’t take a cat your home, following Hosico on Ig will do for you.

Hosico also has cat stuff for you and your kitty. Explore more about it on Instagram and their website

Suki Cat (@sukiicat)

Suki is a Bengal cat. An energetic and adventure loving. Her parents Marti and Ken take her on every adventure they go for. Marti is a traveler and a landscape photographer. This is the reason why you’re going to see a lot of beautiful landscapes and Suki in the same frame.

The mainstream is Suki’s photos and videos in wild and trails.

Moreover, Suki loves narrow trails and boardwalks. They really travel so far to capture amazing views and when Suki gets tired, she gets to sit in her mighty backpack and travel.

Well, there is a lot more about Suki, follow her on IG. Head over to their website for buying stuff for your kitty if you too like to go out on adventures with your furball.

Coby The Cat (@cobythecat)

Coby is a white (not pure white though) colored three-year-old British Shorthair boy. Well, it seems like it’s a girl because of the eyeliner. This cute little Coby loves canned tuna and long walks on countertops. He is charming, affectionate, playful, and sassy. You will be amazed to see him on Instagram. His cobalt blue eyes gave him the name Coby.

The mainstream of this Ig page is Coby’s photos and videos enjoying his life playing with his toys and trying out fancy outfits.

Cats of Instagram (@cats_of_instagram)

Cats of Instagram is a cat people community with more than 9.7M followers. The mainstream of this page is Cat videos and photos by the people from across the globe. If you want to see your cat on this page, you have to submit your posts on their website as per the instruction. So head over to their website for more information or either way, enjoy the cute, grumpy, energetic, shy, beautiful cats on this planet.

Venus the Two Face Cat (@venustwofacecat)

Are you wondering the same as I that this cat is photoshopped? I thought the same but when I visited the profile, I came to know that this is a verified profile and the account definitely is not fake or photoshopped. Well, why this cat has a two-colored face as well as different eyes is still a mystery.

If you want to know more about Venus, you can read FAQ section they have on their website. Anyways, this cat is born 100% this way and 0% photoshopped as their logo reads. Follow her to see what Venus is up to.

Smoothie the Cat (@smoothiethecat)

‘She knows. And she disapproves’ As this post caption reads, she is said to be the most photogenic cat in the world. She is the cat always ready to pose and people also call her the ‘Queen of Fluff’.

Smoothie is a royal, little British longhair cat. The mainstream of this page is beautiful photos and videos of this fluff queen. Moreover, she has a brother, Milkshake.

Lil Bub (@iamlilbub)

Lil Bub is a special kitty. As her owner says, she’s the most special cat on this planet. Bub is special because she was born with a multitude of genetic anomalies. Due to that, she will remain a kitten size for all her lifetime. She is an extreme case of feline dwarfism. In a nutshell, she is a special cat and fought the rare disease and have won many hearts on social media with her cuteness and being special.

If you want to know how special she is, follow their Instagram account and head over to their website. Moreover, she’s a celebrity too. She was a star in an award-winning documentary.

The mainstream of this Instagram page is her videos and photos. You can partake a noble cause by shopping from their online store. She has so far helped to raise more than $200,000 for the shelters who need money to raise pets requiring special care.

Grumpy Cat (@realgrumpycat)

Meet the Grumpy Cat! If you’re thinking that this is that meme grumpy cat then you’re absolutely right! It became a sensation when a photo of the Grumpy Cat appeared on Reddit which people thought was photoshopped. Later, her owner posted the video of her on Youtube and it went viral.

Her name is Tardar Sauce.

She wasn’t purposefully bred. The permanent grumpy face she got is because of feline dwarfism and an underbite. Well, she is a normal kitty who loves to hind behind the curtains and is not actually grumpy. This is her happy face! Go and follow this celebrity cat.

Nala Cat ™ (@nala_cat)

Nala is a sensation of cuteness. If you know her, you definitely see it coming her on the top of my list. She is a Siamese and Tabby mix cat. Hey, do you know she holds a Guinness World Record? Well, if you are guessing she can perform a signature trick or two, then you’re wrong!

She is holding a world record for being popular! Nala is a Guinness World Record holder for being the most popular cat on Instagram with 3.4M followers on Instagram as of 3 May 2017.

She has more than 3.7M Instagram followers at this time.

Her unique cute look has won many hearts on social media. The mainstream of her Instagram is photos and videos of her. In a nutshell, you will see cuteness overloaded in her posts. Also, you may see her bestie, Luna.

Nala was rescued from a shelter where they couldn’t keep her because of the overpopulation of cats. When Varisiri held her she licked her face and that’s when she knew Nala was the one. If you want to know more about her story or want to buy some kitty stuff, head over their website at

The EndNote

This was the list I prepared for you to follow Instagrammer cats and humans. There’s one more thing I want to tell you is even if you have followed all the accounts on the list, you should Turn On The Post Notifications to not miss any posts from your favorite Instagrammers. I wish you all happy Catstagramming!

If you know some other famous cats that need to be on this list, name them into comments so other people too can follow those cats.