Why We Need More Women Heating Engineers

Need More Women Heating Engineers

If you are a homeowner and need to have your boiler or heating system repaired or replaced, then chances are that when the engineer turns up to carry out the work, it will be a man. It’s a male-dominated industry, and while the number of women working in construction trades has more than doubled since 2009, we are still not seeing enough female heating and gas engineers on our doorsteps.

The answer is simple: more needs to be done. In fact, it has never been more important to encourage young women to enter the trades. More and more sectors are recognising that a diverse workforce is a stronger one, and so it’s time the plumbing and heating industry started to follow suit.

A recent survey for Baxi revealed that almost three quarters of homeowners have never had a female plumber or engineer working on their property, and this is something that we need to address. Having a diverse workforce is not just good for business, but it also makes us feel safer and more confident as customers when tradespeople visit our homes.

Why We Need More Women Heating Engineers

Women who are already working in the heating industry say that they love the flexibility of their job and how it allows them to balance their home life with their career. They also find that customers are very receptive to their presence, especially when it comes to elderly or vulnerable people, and the work can be extremely rewarding.

It is clear that we need to see more women entering the trades and completing apprenticeships, and the way to do this is through education and encouragement. We need to show children the full range of careers that are available, not just those that are traditionally seen as ‘female’ jobs such as social care, childcare and hairdressing.

We need to challenge the gender stereotypes around the types of job that men and women should be doing, and this includes encouraging girls at school to consider a career as a gas or heating engineer. A YouGov survey revealed that 53% of young women are put off careers in the trades because they have been encouraged to take up careers that are seen as more ‘female’ at school.

We also need to see more women in roles like the management of heating businesses, and we need to make sure that our recruitment practices are open to anyone who is interested. Aside from the benefits to society and the economy of having more women in these types of role, they are highly rewarding and offer an excellent salary. If you are looking for a new career in the heating industry, please view our list of vacancies or get in touch. We are committed to equality, and welcome applications from all backgrounds.

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