VW’s Design Boss Confirms ID. GTI Coming In 2026

Although we knew the ID. GTI was going into production, this is the most candid a VW official has been about the timeline

December 24, 2023 at 07:17

 VW’s Design Boss Confirms ID. GTI Coming In 2026

Volkswagen’s head of design, Andreas Mindt, has officially confirmed that a new, all-electric GTI model will arrive in 2026. That follows the earlier unveiling of a high-performance model based on the upcoming ID. 2 electric compact car.

In an Instagram post, the designer gave a brief overview of the legendary GTI moniker, starting with the original Golf GTI from 1975. Limited to just 5,000 units in the original, the nameplate has since been affixed to 2.8 million vehicles worldwide. “In 2026, we will introduce an electric version of this iconic model,” Mindt wrote.

Alongside the post, he shared a sketch comparing the original GTI to the ID. GTI concept. VW has been emphasizing the similarities in size between the MkI Golf GTI and the compact EV since its initial unveiling in September. While VW confirmed its intention to produce the model at that time, this is the most precise timing officially provided to date.

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Live images Baldauf / ten Brink for Carscoops

At the time, the brand described the ID.GTI as a concept car that was close to what it was planning for the production version. That’s good news, because response to the vehicle was very positive, thanks to its good looks and promise of performance.

Unfortunately, details about how much power the little hot hatch will make have not yet been shared. However, it will likely be more than the 228 hp (150 kW / 231 PS) that VW estimates the standard ID. 2all will make when it hit production, shortly before the GTI version.

Better still, it will likely be affordable, as VW is working to ensure that the production version of the ID.2all has a base price of less than €25,000 (around $27,500 USD at current exchange rates). While the high-performance ID.GTI will undoubtedly cost more than that, it is still likely to be cheap for an EV.

Whether it will be sold outside of Europe remains to be seen, but the head of VW USA has said that he wants the car in his lineup. While it’s not clear if the ID. 2all will be large enough for Americans, the automaker did recently take the decision only to sell the latest Golf GTI (and not the base version) in the market, so it could potentially do the same with the ID. GTI.

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