In the lead-up to David Warner‘s farewell Test against Pakistan in Sydney, Usman Khawaja, his long-time opening partner, expressed his surprise at witnessing Warner’s emotional side during the retirement press conference. Khawaja described the camaraderie between them as beautiful and unique.

Speaking to Fox Cricket, Khawaja shared his thoughts on seeing the emotional side of Warner.

“It’s touching and emotional. I’ve never witnessed that before. You never witness that aspect of Davey during a match. He’s a fierce competitor on the field, known as the Bull, playing hard. Having known him for a long time, I’m familiar with that side of him,” he said.

Having played age-group cricket with Warner, Khawaja highlighted Warner’s off-field personality, emphasizing that despite his aggression on the field, he is a great human being at home with his family.

“What I appreciate about Davey, and perhaps the thing I appreciate the most, is the contrast between how he is on the cricket field and at home with his family. When he’s back home, he’s a completely different person. I’ve known his parents, Loraine and Howard, for a long time, and our families are close friends,” he added.

Acknowledging Warner’s hard work and dedication to becoming a legendary cricketer for Australia, Khawaja expressed that it will take some time for him to grasp the reality of Warner’s retirement from the longer formats.

“Sharing the field and spending so much time together has been a strange journey, and now a part of that journey is reaching its conclusion. He’s stepped away from Test cricket and One Day Internationals, investing a lot of time and effort. The journey involves a lot of emotions, dedication, and hard work,” he concluded.