Criminals targeted a parked railcar in Mexico filled with trucks from General Motors during an attempted heist on Thursday. Instead of making a triumphant Fast and Furious-style getaway, they left empty-handed, having damaged two trucks, including one left hanging off the railcar in question.

Municipal Police from the city of Gomez Palacio, Durango say that they noticed armed men enter a Ferromex rail yard. By the time they arrived though the men had fled. In the interim, the alleged criminals reportedly opened a rail car and removed a new GMC Canyon Denali and were in the middle of backing out a Chevrolet Colorado when they abandoned their plan.

Pictures shared by Emergencias Region Centro Sur on Facebook show both trucks evidently in the state they were found by police. The GMC looks completely ruined with significant damage to the front and rear of the truck. The bed is barely recognizable due to the damage. The Chevrolet Colorado in question fared slightly better.

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Photos Emergencias Region Centro Sur

Sitting halfway on the railcar and halfway on the tracks, it has some tailgate damage, but it appears to be in relatively good condition based on photographs. According to The Drive, the GMC’s condition isn’t solely due to its initial removal from the railcar but also because it was subsequently struck by another train. This certainly explains the extent of the damage. In the longstanding history of trains versus cars, trains have remained undefeated.

A local source who spoke to The Drive under the condition of anonymity stated that the thieves are believed to be a local gang rather than members of a cartel.

Stealing a car is never a good idea but showing up committed to stealing a car without the proper equipment, timing, or planning is even worse. The police report that, although the thieves managed to escape, the investigation is still ongoing.