In a surprising blast from the past, Diabolical Rogue has just been announced. This new FPS is a blend of Arena FPS gameplay like Quake with Roguelike elements. You can grab it right now on Steam Early Access and the Epic Game Store.

This reveal came in the form of a cinematic and gameplay trailer (viewable below) in which we see a variety of cute robots hop inside various mech suits – which reprsent each of the game’s three classes – and take to the battlefield. It’s a brightly coloured, fast paced FPS which shows a lot of charm and promise for a first reveal.

The developers behind the game – GD Studio Inc – was formed from a variety of professional Quake players as well as other esports-minded folks. It’s premier game Diabotical came out in 2020, and while that release didn’t shoot off like many Quake fans would have liked, this new title aims to take that same vibe and gameplay style and mix it up a bit thanks to the Roguelike spin.

According to the Diabotical Rogue Steam page, each of the three individual mech suits has its own roguelike progression path you’ll experience in-game, and varying kits. The game is launching with two modes – a 4v4 wipeout mode and a 16v16 warmup mode – as well as a custom map editor so the community can bring their own creative touch to the party.

Right now the game is 25% off on Steam, so be sure to pick it up if it sounds good to your classic FPS-ridden mind. There’s no word on when the game will leave Early Access right now, but those interested in keeping tabs can join the game’s Discord listed on its store page.

Does this sound like your cup of tea? Let us know below!