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Tesla Model S Crashes Into Several Seattle Businesses, Driver Ghosts

The car was destroyed in the crash, but the driver was reportedly well enough to flee

  • A Tesla Model S crashed into a building in Seattle, causing significant damages.
  • The incident occurred around 1:30 am local time and the driver reportedly fled the scene.
  • Police are investigating the cause of the crash and are likely tracking down the vehicle’s owner.

A high-speed crash involving a Tesla Model S was recently caught by a security camera. The incident occurred last month in Seattle, Washington and footage shows the car moving fast and apparently hitting a curb.

This sends sparks into the air, but the Tesla doesn’t stop. Instead, it continues moving forward until it crashes into a building.

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KING 5 reports the incident occurred around 1:30 am on May 31 and damaged several businesses. In particular, the station says a staircase to Psychic Journey was destroyed, while windows at Sinbad Express were blown out. The interior of the business was also showered in debris.

The Model S suffered significant damage in the crash as the entire front end was destroyed. However, the driver and passenger(s) were reportedly well enough to run away from the scene.

As a result, little is known about the crash at this point. However, police likely won’t have a hard time tracking down the vehicle’s owner as the car had to be towed away.

Lead image credit: KING 5

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