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Tesla Cybertruck Gets Texas-Sized Swangas Reaching Peak Chrome Absurdity

Whether you love or hate this Tesla Cybertruck, there’s no denying that it draws attention to itself


by Brad Anderson

5 hours ago

 Tesla Cybertruck Gets Texas-Sized Swangas Reaching Peak Chrome Absurdity

  • Few cars turn more heads than the Tesla Cybertruck, and this one is more eye-catching than most.
  • The electric truck was fitted with bespoke 24-inch wire rims known as swangas.
  • Since the launch of the electric pickup, we’ve seen several examples rocking crazy aftermarket wheels.

It was only a matter of time before a Tesla Cybertruck became part of the Texas slab culture, flaunting the equally contentious rims known as Swangas, sometimes spelled “swangaz” or for the less imaginative, “elbows”. These spike-like rims can protrude 20 inches or more from the tire walls, and have become a staple of the Texas scene.

Late last month, Texan Wire Wheels fitted a Cybertruck with a set of bespoke 24-inch wire wheels, and it looks just as absurd as you’d imagine. Wheels like these, which are a popular fashion statement in Houston, never fail to cause controversy and we’re sure the owner of this Cybertruck will attract a lot of attention.

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The wheels affixed to the electric pickup are comprised of chrome-plated barrels and spokes. Massive spikes extend prominently outward from the rim, while gold accents are also discernible.

As more Tesla Cybertrucks reach the hands of patient owners, we’re starting to see more equipped with aftermarket wheels and wraps. Last week, Houston-based rapper Trae tha Truth sent his Cybertruck to 713Motoring and rather than having it equipped with wire wheels, the tuner wrapped it in a two-tone finish of white and maroon.

Photos Texan Wire Wheels

It was also fitted with a set of huge 26-inch white wheels from Forgiato. Last month, we saw a rose gold Tesla Cybertruck fitted with 30-inch disc wheels. They too were from Forgiato and looked ridiculous.

Some new Cybertruck owners are also using their pickups for their businesses. A U.S. company called MoonWake Coffee Roadsters recently took delivery of a Cybertruck and converted it into a mobile coffee shop. In addition to giving it an intriguing matte blue wrap, they have managed to power all of their kettles, grinders, and expensive espresso machines off the Tesla.

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