Good news contestants, it looks like Steam mega hit The Finals is playable today on NVIDIA’s GeForce Now cloud gaming service. Great news for The Vogues, who will now be able to cash out while touching grass.

The Finals, which has made quite the splash since its launch back at the tail-end of 2023, has recently passed 10 million players ahead of this announcement. Already playable on PS5, Xbox, and PC via Steam, another platform for the game can only help in its continued skyward momentum.

This new addition to GeForce Now was announced via Twitter, but how big of a deal is it for The Finals players anyway? Well, for one, the excellent GeForce Now does have a sizable user base of 25 million players (thanks Venturebeat). The service doesn’t provide user statistics – so we don’t know if the vast majority of its cloud gamers are typically keen on multiplayer FPS – but more players certainly can’t hurt, right?

2024 will prove to be a big year for The Finals, for good and ill. Whether or not it can retain the momentum it has built up over the past month or so will depend on the quality of support and updates the game gets. So far, it’s looking pretty good. Aside from some concerns around aim assit, balance, and cheaters, the pastures remain green for the new kid on the block. It’s also worth noting that those three issues aren’t exactly unique to The Finals – rather they are perpetual thorns in the side of any online FPS that has gone live for some time.

My opinion? The game is looking great going into 2024. The first season was a good first impression, and the three-player objective-focused style is distinct enough to set itself apart. With the game on Nvidia’s cloud gaming service, here’s hoping more people can try it out and make their own mind up.