SOCi is a CoMarketing Cloud platform for multi-location enterprises that aims to empower businesses to automate and scale their marketing efforts across all locations and digital channels in a way that is brand directed, locally perfected and data connected. Using generative AI and machine learning, the SOCi Genius platform provides multi-location enterprises actionable insights and recommendations while automating their most important workflows at scale. With SOCi, businesses can strengthen their digital presence across local search and social pages while protecting their online reputation, driving improved customer engagement and market-leading results.

The Lowdown

SOCi Genius offers AI-driven personalized engagements and a sophisticated multi-location review management system. It is designed to ensure a consistent brand voice, protect reputation and optimize ROI through customization, automation and on-brand training models. Using SOCi Genius, brands can boost efficiency while saving costs. 

Back-Of-The-Box Details

Multi-location marketers typically spend hours crafting review responses and making sure their voice is appropriate and consistent across locations. SOCi Genius Reviews takes this off their plates by performing the highly impactful but time-consuming task of writing review responses on their behalf to radically improve productivity.

Genius Social Engagements uses AI to create customized engagements that resonate with brand audiences, allowing them to focus on strategic tasks and drive more meaningful interactions. These tools combine AI with human touch, perfectly blending automation with human oversight.

Who It’s For

SOCi Genius is for multi-location enterprises operating in multiple geographical areas, often spread across cities, states or even countries. These businesses face unique challenges in ensuring consistent branding and customer experiences across all their locations.

What It Solves

SOCi Genius helps boost a business’s ROI by performing time-consuming tasks on the marketer’s behalf. SOCi Genius seeks to always be personalized and on-brand.

What Makes It Special

SOCi Genius provides more streamlined workflows for teams that has been a critical but missing element for multi-location brands. It allows brands to respond to customer engagements at scale and reclaim valuable time throughout their workdays.



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