Rahul Dravid takes Mohammad Nabi’s side despite Rohit Sharma’s frustration

In the third T20I between India and Afghanistan, tempers flared as Rohit Sharma confronted Mohammad Nabi for an unconventional move during the Super Over. Despite Rohit’s fury, India’s head coach, Rahul Dravid, defended the Afghan all-rounder.

The match, initially considered a dead rubber, took an unexpected turn, making history with two Super Overs needed to determine the winner. The Chinnaswamy Stadium witnessed a series of remarkable moments. It witnessed a record partnership between Rohit Sharma and Rinku Singh and Gulbadin Naib’s impressive batting.

One noteworthy incident occurred in the first Super Over when Nabi decided to run for byes after the ball deflected off his legs. Mukesh Kumar executed a perfect wide yorker, and despite failing to connect with the ball, non-striker, Rahmanullah Gurbaz, attempted a single. India’s wicketkeeper, Sanju Samson, collected the ball but chose to lob it back to the bowler with an underarm throw.

The ball hit Nabi’s leg, deflecting towards long-on, and despite the unusual circumstances, Nabi seized the opportunity to take two additional runs, extending Afghanistan’s total to 16 in the Super Over. Infuriated by the turn of events, Rohit Sharma charged towards Nabi, engaging in a heated argument.

In the post-match press conference, Rahul Dravid weighed in on the debate about the spirit of the game. When questioned about Nabi’s actions, Dravid expressed no qualms.

“It’s acceptable, it’s a part of the game. It might be annoying when you’re on the receiving side, but it’s alright, these things happen. I believe you can go for those runs. In the first match, there was a situation where I think it hit our batter’s bat, and we took a run. There’s no rule preventing you from taking those runs,” Dravid told the reporters post-match.

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