The UK is home to many beautiful and remote villages. Located away from busy and built-up cities and towns they can feel like a snapshot of a time gone by.

This makes them the ideal getaway for Brits who need a bit of quiet in their lives.

For this reason holiday rental company Home2Go put together an index of villages in the UK that should be considered “hidden gems”.

This list was assembled using only villages found in national parks and areas of outstanding natural beauty around the UK.

It took into account location, weather, outdoor activities, pubs and prices to find the ultimate holiday spots.

But this is the best part – none of the top 20 were found to be within the most searched locations of that year, meaning they’re not on the radar of lots of tourists.

While Hathersage in the Peak District took the top spot with a score of 53.9, one Somerset spot worthy of note was ranked fourth.

This was the village of Porlock, found in Exmoor National Park.

The Best of Exmoor describes it as a “charming” and “traditional” English village.

The blog says: “If you want a a sense of traditional village life in beautiful Exmoor, Porlock is the perfect place for you.

“Set in Porlock Vale, between the rolling hills of Exmoor and the sea lapping at the coastline, this charming village exudes character and authenticity.

“Wandering through winding the streets you’ll find colourful cottages, shops and galleries, independent pubs and tea rooms.

“And, the surrounding landscape offers a bit of something for everyone.”

However, what makes Porlock stand apart from other villages is its hill.

While the hill itself may be nothing unusual, the road leading up it is officially the UK’s steepest A-road, making it a challenge for cyclists, runners and even some cars.

It has a 25 percent, or one in four, gradient, meaning a lower gear may be required both up and down.

“Travelling west through the village, you will find your way to Porlock Hill,” the Best of Exmoor says.

“Infamously steep, this twisting road climbs at a gradient approaching 1:4 at times.

“As the steepest A-road in the UK, it attracts all sorts of athletes, from cyclists to runners. So if you’re looking for a challenge that really gets the muscles burning, this may be for you!

“The road climbs over 220 metres in just under a mile, winding up from the village to the idyllic open moors above.”