Jay Leno Calls Tesla Cybertruck ‘Incredible’ As He’s Spotted On The Road By Fans

Now that the Tesla Cybertruck has finally arrived after years of anticipation, we’re starting to hear about how it performs in the real world. One of the most well-known voices in the industry, Jay Leno, has shared some first quick thoughts on the polarizing truck , and he had positive things to say.

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In a video shared to X, Leno was spotted driving down the street in a Cybertruck when he was approached by some fans. He clarified that it wasn’t his personal ride, but rather a borrowed one. When asked if it belonged to Elon Musk, he explained that it belongs to a friend of his and is chassis #5, meaning his friend was likely one of the fortunate few who received their truck at Tesla’s Delivery Event last month.

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Leno then proceeded to offer an unsolicited testimonial of the truck, describing it as “incredible” and comparing its speed to that of a Model S Plaid. While the Cybertruck’s claimed 0-60 mph (0-97 km/h) time of 2.6 seconds is slightly slower than the Model S Plaid’s 1.99-second time, Leno’s point was clear. Achieving a 2.6-second acceleration in a 6,843-pound (3,104-kg) truck with all-terrain tires is impressive, especially considering it has “only” 845 hp (857 PS / 630 kW) and 686 lb-ft (930 Nm) of torque, compared to the Plaid’s 1,020 hp (1,034 PS / 761 kW) and 1,050 lb-ft (1,424 Nm) of torque.

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While very few people have gone on the record doubting the Cybertruck’s performance, it has rightfully received a fair share of criticism for its unconventional looks and questionable safety.

Would the truck have garnered as much press as it did without the razor-sharp design, even with the same performance? Would there still be videos in which people take out their phones to record simply because they’re drawn to the doorstop-shaped oddity they see driving next to them? Probably not, but it also would’ve likely resulted in the truck (and Tesla) receiving a lot less negative feedback on the design and much less doubt surrounding its ability to protect passengers and pedestrians.

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