Paracetamol should not be taken unnecessarily.

As per health experts, there is no connection between paracetamol tablets and heat.

An over-the-counter medicine, paracetamol remains the first preference for many people to get relief from headaches, fever, and other mild health problems. Many are under the impression that paracetamol is harmful in summer and that consuming too much of it can lead to liver ailments. As per health experts, there is no connection between paracetamol tablets and heat. Dr Sonia Rawat, Director of the Preventive Health Department of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi, interacted regarding this issue with News18. As per the doctor, if a person is suffering from a fever, then in that condition they can take paracetamol tablets after consulting the doctor. People don’t need to worry about taking it in heat or cold. Dr Sonia Rawat added that no medicine should be taken without any health issues, because it has serious implications for the body. Dr Sonia said that these side effects are evident not only in the case of paracetamol but in other medicines as well.

According to Dr Sonia Rawat, many people have to spend a considerable amount of time outside in the scorching heat and that’s why their body temperature increases. In this case, people panic and assume this condition is body fever. People should first try to remain indoors and lower their body temperatures by drinking water. After this, they should check their body temperatures with a thermometer. If they again see a higher temperature on the thermometer, they should take paracetamol. If the temperature in the thermometer is normal, then there is no cause to worry. Sometimes due to thyroid and menopause, the body temperature becomes warm for a long duration. In this case, people should consider taking a doctor’s opinion.

As per health experts, in summer, people should consume at least 3-4 litres of water every day to keep their body temperatures cool. Besides water, people should also eat fruits and vegetables. When it comes to choosing options for beverages, people can also prepare and drink lemonade, which will maintain better hydration and electrolyte balance. Consuming buttermilk in summer can also prove to be very beneficial.