Former India opener and World Cup winner, Gautam Gambhir recently expressed his view on the cricketing rivalries, stating that the India-Australia rivalry has overshadowed the traditional India vs Pakistan clashes in recent times. According to Gambhir, the current Indian cricket team stands head and shoulders above their Pakistani counterparts, making the matches between the two nations less competitive.

While the India-Pakistan rivalry has historically been one of the most intense in the world of sports, Gambhir noted that the recent encounters have not lived up to the expectations. Only a few matches, such as the one in Melbourne in 2022, have managed to generate the expected excitement.

“Pakistan has often been the dominant team against India. Now, when you compare both teams, India is better in all three formats. If Pakistan wins against India, it would be surprising, but if India wins, it’s expected,” he said.

Gambhir highlighted that India and Pakistan haven’t played bilateral matches for over a decade. He emphasized that ICC and Asian Cricket Council events are the only platforms where their encounters take place.

India maintains an unbeaten record against Pakistan in ODI World Cups. Their recent victory in the ODI World Cup 2023 at Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad further solidified their dominance.

“In cricket, India and Australia have a significant rivalry. If you inquire with cricket fans about the top rivalry, they would also point to India and Australia,” he said.

Memorable moments such as India’s historic series win in 2001 and the 2021 Test series victory led by Ajinkya Rahane as examples of the high-quality contests between the two cricketing giants.

Despite recent setbacks, including a loss to Australia in the World Test Championship final and a heart-breaking defeat in the ODI World Cup final, the India-Australia rivalry remains a focal point in international cricket. It is surpassing the historic India-Pakistan clashes in terms of competitiveness and excitement.