Ding dong! Someone ringing the doorbell outside. You open the door; oh well, it’s those fancy neighbors living next doors. And the minute they move inside, there’s that eyesore poop box of your kitty beside the couch. A total ruin of all your dayslong home decor hardships in a snap!

It’s true, right? Cat litter boxes are ugly and there is nothing you can do about it. Or can you?!

Here, in this article, we are going to check out some of the great ways to camouflage that ugly poop box so handsomely that none of your houseguests will ever be able to find it again!

Are you ready to give your home decor the praise that it deserves?

Then let us begin with the article!

How to Hide a Litter Box [Hidden Litter Box]

Here are some of the most effective ways to hide a litter box.

1. Covered Litter Box

The easiest one, find a covered litter box from the online market or your local retailer. Yes, why not? If you’ve got plenty of space at your home and don’t feel like completely camouflaging the litter box but instead cover it up so it doesn’t look filthy.

There are plenty of covered litter boxes available in the market in a variety of choices, choose one that matches with other furniture of the room.

2. Potted Plant

Potted Plant hidden litter box

Perhaps our favorite, a potted plant! Potted plants serve amazingly as a home decor. They are completely unsuspicious and does not even look like a blemish to the home decor.

Potted plants are artificial plant-like home decor. They come with a hidden entrance to get inside. You can hide this entrance by making it face off-centered.

The top part can be taken off for cleaning and maintenance purpose. A perfect solution for home decor frenzies!

3. Behind the Curtain

how to hide a litter box using a curtain

This one is a pretty simple and DIY solution. There must be a cabinet in your house that has a plenty of opening at the bottom and is not of any particular use. That’s it, take that cabinet and turn in into a hidden kitty washroom!

However, a filthy ocean of litter right under your dining table may not be so cool.

You can follow this procedure with pretty much everything that has a curtain. If any window in your house has a little bit of space, there you go! Put the litter box there and cover it up with a big enough curtain. Though make sure that the window doesn’t get much direct sunlight.

4. Inside the Furniture

One of the most preferred ways to hide a litter box is by making secret compartments in the furniture. There are premade litter box furniture on the market if you wish to buy a readymade one. However, if you wish to make your own from a scrap furniture you already own, bingo!

hidden litter box furniture

i. Inside Cabinets

Cabinets work great to hide a litter box, whether it is an old television cabinet, a shelf, an office drawer or anything.

It is even pretty easy to make one at your home. Take some tools, cut a hole in one of the sides of the cabinet, which is not visible from the center of the room. Make sure to smooth the surface so that it does not hurt your petite kitty.

Now is the time to put the litter box inside the cabinet. Make sure you leave enough space between the side panel and the litter box so that the kitty can easily access the litter box and do not out anything else in the same compartment of the cabinet.

To make the cabinet look like it belongs where it is, you can put some decorations on the top of it.

ii. Under a Bench or Bed

Wooden benches work great as a secret litter box container. All you need to do it cut a hole in the sides. Compared to a cabinet, a bench is a more suitable option as it does not raise any suspicion. Your guests will be sitting right on the top of your cat’s secret washroom and they will have no idea about it!

Also, the area under your bed is always wasted. As long as you don’t mind your cat taking a dump right beneath your bed, you can totally use that space to hide the litter box.

If the bed has hollow space at the bottom, you can hide the litter box by putting some long sheets on the bed that touches the floor. Or if your bed has solid at the bottom, you can always call a carpenter to modify the bed the way you want.


The last thing, when you are talking about hiding a litter box, you want to make it look totally obvious. Try to blend the things together.

No matter how amazingly you build a hidden cat litter cabinet but if it does not justify its presence in the ambiance, it is not worth it. Try to blend it up by putting some decoration on the top. After all, you want to make your home look unblemished, right?


Personally, I hate filthy open litter boxes lying here and there in the house and which is exactly why I took the time to write this article for you.

It is totally a pain when you put so much effort into setting up the home decor and your cat’s litter box totally ruins it. Everyone might be loving the cats but for some of them, finding a dirty litter box is really disgusting.

So make sure to follow any of the tips mentioned above and make your own hidden litter box and make your home look spotless. Also, if you have any query regarding this article, drop a comment in the section below.