If you’re anything like us, you’ve had a few Elden Ring tracks on your permanent playlist ever since the game launched back in 2022. However, if you consider yourself one of the soundtrack’s most dedicated fans, you’ll be able to express that love in a live concert happening next year.

Taking place in the Royal Albert Hall in London on April 28, the performance is an official orchestral journey through some of the game’s most powerful and moving pieces. It’ll be performed by the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra and the Crouch End Festival Chorus – so expect those sweeping horns, strings, and vocal sections to get the attention they deserve.

It’ll also be paired with Overlook Events’ “Narrative Symphonic Experience”, according to the Bandai website post. Overlook Events – a company also working on the Elden Ring show – has done numerous live performances like this before. According to its website, this allows the music to play in sync to video and other sound effects. In short, it should be a more immersive experience all things going well.

If this sounds interesting, you can buy tickets right now for the UK show. You should do so quickly, as tickets for an earlier performance in France sold out pretty fast. There’s no word on how many more of these orchestral Elden Ring shows will be happening, so it may be worth the cash. I do hope they bring it to more of the world though – the game was beloved worldwide after all.

Will you be grabbing a ticket? Let us know below, as well as your favourite Elden Ring track. Any answer is fine, but if it’s not Malenia’s boss theme you are wrong.