Electronic Arts has released some interesting figures about some of its games.

The figures highlight the publisher’s 2023 and cover games such as EA Sports FC 2024, Madden NFL 24, The Sims 4, and others.

Some interesting stats from FC 2024 include 1.7 billion total cross-play matches, and FC Mobile saw 45.1 billion games played and 103.5 billion goals scored.

With Madden NFL 24, there were 6.4 million Super Bowls won, and the most popular matchups were the Eagles between the Coyboys, 49’ers, or the Chiefs.

The Sims 4 saw 1.8 billion hours played, 43 million infants were delivered in the game, 4.7 million horses were created, and 23 million deaths occurred.

Battlefield 2024 players performed 996 million revives, there were 763 million total matches played and 387 million total weekly missions completed.

There were 500 million Holosprays used in Apex Legends, 12.4 billion Ultimates used, and 81.8 million deaths caused by the Ring.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor players preferred the Crew Cut hairstyle, 22.4 million players were defeated by Rancor, 65.4 million garden seeds were planted, and 1.5 million ponchos were unlocked.

The stats for each game are very interesting, and you can look over them all in the infographics below.