Although AI has high adoption and integration rates, new research from marketing agency Realm B2B revealed that only a minority of marketing teams are actively utilizing AI to enhance their functions. These findings were uncovered in “AI In B2B Marketing: Lessons From The Frontline,” a research report designed to provide in-depth look into how AI is reshaping the B2B marketing landscape.

Following the theme of lopsided acknowledgement and adoption rates, seven out of 10 survey respondents acknowledged AI’s relevance in their organizations while also rating their AI maturity level a three out of 10 — another considerable gap between the recognized opportunity and comprehension of AI’s potential utility in everyday tasks.

Beyond adoption and utilization disconnects, the report also revealed several statistics that provided a generalized overview of marketers’ AI sentiments such as:

  • 66% of marketers are experiencing FOMO and are concerned that other companies may be further ahead in leveraging AI;
  • 56% of departments reported that colleagues are driven by an innate curiosity about AI;
  • 100% of B2B marketers know about ChatGPT and 83% of marketers are utilizing it, with image creation solutions and writing companions ranking as the most popular uses; and
  • 83% of marketers are not effectively measuring the efficiency or increased productivity that their AI tools are providing.

“Our report is so much more than just an aggregation of data: It’s a comprehensive roadmap for B2B marketers who are willing to step into the future,” said Izzie Rivers, Founder and CEO of Realm B2B, in a statement. “Understanding and integrating AI isn’t just an option — it’s a necessity for staying competitive in today’s fast-evolving market landscape.”

To gain more insights in AI’s role in B2B marketing, download the full report now.