Dementia cases can increase to 1.69 crore by 2036.

There is a dementia prevalence rate of 7.4 percent among those aged 60 years and above in India.

Dementia is used to describe loss of memory, language, problem-solving and other thinking abilities that are severe enough to interfere with daily life. Usually, dementia happens in patients aged 60 years or more. In the present times, the youth is also in a high-risk group due to this problem. The problem of the increasing cases of dementia is exacerbated by the fact that by 2050, the number of dementia patients globally may increase by a triple rate. Twenty percent of the population in India are also reported to be above 60 years of age by 2050 and therefore they can suffer from dementia. The experts have made this estimate. Besides this observation, the experts have also expressed concern over the surge in cases of dementia among the elderly and the youth.

According to recent estimates, there is a dementia prevalence rate of 7.4 percent among those aged 60 years and above in India. From an estimated 88 lakh in 2016, the prevalence of dementia is projected to increase to 1.69 crore by 2036 in the country. If necessary steps are not taken soon, then the number of patients suffering from this problem can increase. Some of the medical professionals talked about the causes and the solutions to deal with this health ailment.

Dr Jyoti Bala Sharma, Director of Neurology at Fortis Hospital, Noida had an interaction with News18 regarding this problem. Dr Jyoti said that due to high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and depression, young people are increasingly becoming victims of dementia. This shows that in the coming few decades, dementia can be seen impacting younger people. Early detection and treatment of dementia is very important. Some types of dementia can be cured and in others, treatment can improve the lives of patients and their families.

Dr Kapil Kumar Singhal, Director of Neurology at Fortis Hospital, Noida, told News18 that the chances of suffering from dementia rises with increasing age. As per the doctor, a sedentary lifestyle, smoking and drinking alcohol are leading to a rise in the cases of dementia. People have to change their habits and keep a check on the increasing numbers of blood pressure and diabetes under control. The risk of dementia can also be reduced by lifestyle-related changes.