Deck up your Christmas tree with artistically designed ornaments crafted with love.

From zero-waste fabric to papier mache and coconut shells, dazzle your homes with unconventional ornaments this festive season.

From zero-waste fabric to papier mache and coconut shells, dazzle your homes with unconventional ornaments this festive season. Here’s a list of brands designing unique ornaments you can choose from this festive season to enhance your Christmas tree.

Rouka By Sreejith Jeevan

Repurposed to create reusable decor, the applique and embroidered details on the ornaments will add cheer to your festive celebrations.

An integral part of the #everyinchoffabric initiative, Rouka by Sreejith Jeevan has created handmade Christmas decor. An annual effort to create repurposed ornaments to add festive cheer to the holiday season, the decor features an array of cotton fabric pieces featuring applique and embroidered details. In shades of festive colours red, green and gold, you can find unique shapes such as Giraffe’s Merry Meadow, Santa’s Elephant, Jingle Bells, Christmas Wings, Tropical Christmas, Mistletoe Magic and Christmastide, among others.

House of Ekam

Made with wood and paper mache and then hand-painted by master artisans in Jodhpur.

Sustainable and crafted from the finest material, these handmade zero-waste ornaments and whimsical paper mache trinkets are the perfect way to decorate your Christmas tree. With every collection at House of Ekam, the brand strives to be eco-conscious and create unique products for every occasion. The Christmas trinkets are specially made with wood and paper mache and then hand-painted in varied festive motifs by master artisans in Jodhpur, Rajasthan.


Stuffed hand-embroidered ornaments are perfect to add festive cheer to your Christmas decor.

Ditch plastic decor and spruce up your Christmas tree with ornaments hand-embroidered on cotton. Made with love by the artisans from Mithapur, Gujarat, Okhai celebrates their craftsmanship in one-of-a-kind motifs. Hang the red and white bauble-shaped hanging, intricately embroidered or pick the adorable trinket decorated with hand-embroidered mirrors on both sides. Easily washable, these ornaments are eco-friendly and can be reused next season too.

Thenga Coco

Add a touch of rustic charm and eco-friendly elegance to your festive celebrations.

Thenga Coco is a brand of creative artefacts made from discarded coconut shells. Keeping the design language simple, the Christmas ornaments are designed to bring a touch of rustic charm and eco-friendly elegance to your festive celebrations. Pick from the coconut shell Christmas hanging decorations such as the reindeer, tree and snowflake.

Forest of Chintz

The bead work on the tree baubles is inspired by traditional African jewellery.

With a splash of colour, prints and exquisite bead work inspired by traditional African jewellery, the tree baubles from Forest of Chintz will grab everyone’s attention at your Christmas party. Every bauble tells a story of vibrancy, tradition and unparalleled craftsmanship. The brand’s curated gift guide gives every tree at home a little something to add warmth and an eccentric speck of fashion forward and unconventional to the festive season.

Asone Embroidery

Hand-embroidered on felt, this Christmas ring adds to the festivities with simplicity.

Keeping it simple and stylish, Asone Embroidery’s handmade ornaments are like a warm hug on a cold winter night. Crafted in shades of forest green, smoke blue, warm brown, ivory and grey, the minimal thread work and beadwork embroidered on felt enhance the ornament. Hang them on your tree and watch these 3D felt ornaments brighten up your decor with elan.


Featuring durable loops, these hangings seamlessly integrate into your home’s Christmas decorations.

Nestasia celebrates the joy of Christmas with a hanging decor set featuring two ornaments adorned with Nareli bead decorations and cotton thread tassels. The ornaments come with durable looks that are easy to integrate into your home’s Christmas decorations.

The India Craft House

The papier mache art form comes to life in these intricate and colourful ornaments.

These exquisite items from the India Craft House have been hand-painted by Kashmiri artists, drawing inspiration from their beautiful legacy of art. The papier mache art form, originally from Persia, was initiated in Kashmir with the art of paper making and writing in the 15th century, during the reign of Badshah Zain-ul-Abedin in Kashmir. The art now manifests itself on cloth, stone, wood and metal, apart from moulded paper pulp. This beautiful art form has been adapted to create these exquisite items of beauty and utility.

Ikka Dukka

Celebrate festive joy with this handmade plaid Christmas ornament.

Intricately beaded and designed to match the festive fervour, the gold thread and hand plaid Christmas ornament by Ikka Dukka is one of a kind. The Christmas tree motif is versatile and chic and can be used as standalone decor this holiday season. The brand also consists of miniature animals and palm trees that will bring vibrance and merry to your celebrations.

Kakoli’s Corner

Ring in Christmas with these stunning crochet tree ornaments.

Kakoli’s Corner is all about craftsmanship, and we couldn’t help but notice the stunning crochet Christmas tree star ornament. Featuring a miniature star design adored with intricate crochet detail, the ornament comes in vibrant and festive shades of ivory, blue and pink. It can be hung on a Christmas tree, used as a decorative accent in wreaths or garlands, or even attached to gift packages for an extra special touch.