Baldur’s Gate 3 players get specific steps to help combat Xbox save issues until a proper fix arrives

Amid continuing issues that’ve been causing Baldur’s Gate 3 players on Xbox to lose their saves, Xbox Support has provided some steps you can take in order to avoid the issue until a proper fix arrives.

As Larian acknowledged in a tweet earlier this week, the issue has been seeing some saves just flat out disappear following a crash, losing folks boatloads of the progress they’ve made since Xbox BG3’s Game Awards shadow drop. As confirmed by the studio’s Director of Publishing Michael Dowse, a full fix for the issue is in the works, but here’s how to minimise your risk in the meantime.

“In order to avoid this issue players should save their game and then return to the Xbox dashboard and select “Quit Game” or “Save to Quick Resume” from the game menu (Home, Game, Select, and then choose “Save to Quick Resume” or “Quit”) when they finish playing,” Xbox Support advised in a tweet.

“Users should not disconnect their console from the power,” it continued, “Users should select ‘shut down’ from the console menu and leave their Xbox connected to power. We are working to fix this ASAP.”

On top of this, assuming you haven’t done so already, it’s probably also a good idea to make sure you’ve installed all of the latest updates available for your Xbox, including the firmware update that arrived earlier this week.

In some slightly more positive BG3 news, you should be able to grab some new merch for the game from its website starting next week, with more stuff set to become available in 2024. In terms of what you can expect, Dowse says: “Everything will be designed either by Larian or designers who are fans of the game, working with us.”

You can also check out the range of interesting stats Larian recently released to show what players have gotten up to in the game since it was released back in August. You probably won’t be surprised just how many pets Scratch has received.

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