(May 31, 2024) Phuket, Thailand – Anchan Villas announced its rebranding to “Anchan,” expanding its vision and introducing five new missions under the concept “Leading in Excellence for High-end Residential Investments.” Emphasizing a homeowner mindset, the company recognizes that the luxury real estate in Phuket must now offer more than just a place to live. Nowadays, luxury real estate must function as a valuable lifestyle retreat while generating both short-term and long-term investment returns. Along these lines, the company revealed three strengths that have sustained its leadership for 18 years: unique design, prime locations, and world-class quality. The goal for this year is to further enhance the company’s comprehensive residence services to meet the needs of high-end clients from around the world.

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Preechapol Sae-Tiw, the founder and managing director of Anchan, stated, “As hosts in Phuket, we continue to offer villas with Anchan’s unique architectural style. Our signature features include open-plan layouts, large central swimming pools, cedar hip roofs, green slate stone walls, and tropical landscaping. We prioritize and meticulously develop every design detail in our projects, building upon the work of previous generations to achieve the most perfect results. Currently, we offer seven villa designs with varying floor areas to meet the needs of different customer groups. We use high-quality materials as a standard in every unit of every project, ensuring not only aesthetic appeal but also ease of maintenance. To date, we have built nearly 200 villas over 18 years, and the villas in our earliest projects still look great today. This underscores our commitment to prioritizing product quality, which has established Anchan as a leading name in the industry and a top-of-mind real estate brand in Phuket for tourists and investors from around the world.”

“The location is also crucial. As natives of Phuket, we have a deep understanding of the island’s various areas and their potential, enabling us to choose the most suitable and ideal locations for vacation home projects. We focus on three main factors: 1. The surrounding landscape and nature, ensuring the area has green spaces, good air quality, favorable winds, and good lighting. 2. Easy access to various amenities, making daily life convenient. 3. Suburban tranquility, aligning with the concept of vacation homes that emphasize the relaxing use of both indoor and outdoor spaces. Our past 12 projects have proven that we can select locations with great precision.”

“Most importantly, we never forget that all of this must also yield positive investment returns. From the start, we planned that these villas, designed as holiday homes, would achieve high occupancy rates from rentals, which have consistently been at 90-100% throughout the year. Another investment aspect is buying off-plan, which can also generate significant capital gains,” Mr. Preechapol added.

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The logo change from Anchan Villas to Anchan signifies a lifestyle that goes beyond just a place to live. Additionally, the floral petal symbol has been redesigned to look more refined, and the fonts have been adjusted for a more harmonious appearance. Overall, the new Anchan logo clearly reflects the brand’s identity, combining luxury with simplicity and attention to detail.

Five Strengths of the New Anchan Brand
• Project & Design – Enhancing designs while maintaining the unique tropical villa style, with seamless indoor-outdoor space, use of natural materials, a signature central swimming pool, and a variety of floor plans for customers to choose from.

• Location – Selecting the most suitable locations for villas, emphasizing tranquility and convenience. The ideal location is crucial for a restful experience, undisturbed by external elements while still providing easy access to Phuket’s attractions.

• Quality – Committed to the highest quality by using superior materials that support both aesthetics and long-term maintenance. With Phuket’s unique climate, our experience has taught us to choose materials and construction techniques that ensure durability.
• Full-Service Residences Care – Comprehensive residential care services managed by Anchan, including Estate Management, Villa Services (housekeeping, gardening, pool maintenance), custom-made furniture and decor to match the home, and a one-year home warranty with a dedicated team for quick responses.

• Anchan Holiday – Comprehensive villa rental management for investors’ convenience, covering everything from finding tenants, negotiating, handling paperwork, and cleaning services, to managing check-ins and check-outs.

“This rebranding will coincide with our image and marketing, sending a message to customers that Anchan never stops evolving. Our backend team has significantly expanded because we aim to provide standardized and comprehensive services in every aspect. We focus on enhancing the capabilities of our staff across all departments to accommodate the increasing number of projects and the growing needs of our larger customer base. Even after more than 18 years since our launch and substantial business growth, we remain committed to customer satisfaction and business integrity. The quality work we have delivered over nearly two decades has earned us trust and confidence, allowing us to thrive to this day,” Mr. Saetiew concluded.

Past Successes and Exciting New Projects
Over the past 18 years, Anchan has been recognized as the best luxury villa in Phuket for its quality, luxury, and prime locations. The company has also received awards such as Best Developer Phuket and Special Recognition for Luxury Design (Thailand). In 2023, Anchan achieved its highest sales since the company’s inception, and this year, it has already exceeded its targets for the first quarter.

Currently, Anchan has developed 12 projects, totaling 239 units, and has delivered 159 units. There are three ongoing projects for sale: Anchan Mountain Breeze, Anchan Indigo I, and Anchan Indigo II, comprising a total of 177 villas, with prices starting from 27.7 to 55 million THB.

In June 2024, Anchan is set to launch a new project, “Anchan Sunscape,” reinforcing investment potential in the Pa Khlong Chip area of Thalang District, Phuket. This location is near UWC International School, Thanyapura Sports & Health Resort, the future Bumrungrad Hospital, Nai Yang Beach, and Phuket International Airport. Stay tuned for more details coming soon.

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