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8 Sports Cars Allegedly Racing Each Other Pile Up In Georgia Highway Crash

Among the cars were a BMW 3-Series, three Challengers and (unsurprisingly) a pair of Mustangs

 8 Sports Cars Allegedly Racing Each Other Pile Up In Georgia Highway Crash

  • A large group of performance cars piled up in a crash on a Georgia highway.
  • It’s unclear what caused the crash but all eight cars appear seriously damaged.
  • People who report being close to the crash blame the drivers for “100% racing.”

Reckless drivers are everywhere, but karma doesn’t always catch up with them. In Georgia, however, it seems to have nabbed eight such drivers. Reports indicate that the drivers of the performance cars featured in the video below were tearing it up before causing a major pile-up.

Evidently, this crash happened on I-285 in Atlanta, Georgia as several individuals headed toward a meet-up called Caffeine and Octane. It’s located in Kennesaw and happens on the first Sunday of every month. For at least eight of the folks headed there, the day ended with an accident.

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Video from a car passing by shows the carnage as what appear to be drivers and passengers check on one another. It’s impossible to tell what caused the crash, but some of the vehicles appear to have rear-ended one another in the melee.

In the group, video shows a Toyota Supra, an Infiniti coupe, a BMW 3-Series coupe, three Dodge Challengers, and a pair of Ford Mustangs. If the plan here is to report an everyday fender bender to insurance that might prove difficult. Individuals in the main thread of this video report gathering evidence of what happened before and during the crash.

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One person claiming to be near the group says that they were sort-of asking for it. “These cars were in fact aggressively weaving through heavy traffic. It was 100% racing. I even got all the way over to the right lane to let them pass because I knew they were going to hit someone. Don’t let people tell you they were driving normally and safely,” they say.

We’ve reached out for information to several individuals who reported being there and will update this story when we learn more.

Image Credit: GAFollowersOfficial | H/T: HeyCalebMorris

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