Exercising daily is one of the most important habits you will build in your life! (Image: Shutterstock)

The more you keep procrastinating about your fitness journey the more delayed it will get thus it is always best to start the journey as early as possible

“I plan to begin working out on January 1st.” “My New Year’s resolution is to go to the gym every day.” “I am determined to lose weight in the new year.” This is a common scenario for many of us – we often use the start of a new year as a catalyst for starting our fitness journey. However, it’s important to remember that consistency and dedication are key, regardless of the time of year.

But do you really need to hold yourself back until the New Year?

“While the starting of a new calendar year is definitely a great chance to begin something new, delaying your fitness goals becomes a stumbling block rather than a stepping stone,” says Miten Kakaiya, fitness, and wellness coach at Miten Says Fitness.

Well, spoiler alert: The perfect moment is now! Because the earlier you start, the faster you will start seeing results.

Here are ways to stop procrastinating on your fitness journey until the New Year-

  1. Break free from the Countdown MentalityThe clock doesn’t pause for anyone! Waiting for the “perfect time” can lead to a circle of inaction. Don’t let another day or week slip by your hands, and take charge of your health today! “The ideal time to embark on your fitness journey is now,” says Miten.
  2. Start small, but start now!You don’t always have to all-in into your fitness journey. Sometimes, even small changes can bring significant changes. “One should pursue health and fitness from their individual capacity and lifestyle. Start small today and build your fitness journey” adds Miten.
  3. Tailored Meal PlansEach individual is different, and the same goes for our dietary needs. A personalized meal plan that caters to your body type, lifestyle, taste, and preferences can be designed to create a sustainable and enjoyable nutrition plan. It’s not just about eating, but also about eating in the right way!
  4. Make Every Day CountDon’t underestimate the power of consistency! Small, positive changes can add up over time and you will see the changes coming to you! “Body transformations are a result of incremental gains accumulated over time due to consistency. In months, you can see a completely new you!” says Miten.
  5. Start working out!Exercising daily is one of the most important habits you will build in your life! Waiting for the calendar to flip is not bringing any good to your health or fitness. “Start working out today! Exercising is a non-negotiable for health and wellbeing” says Miten.“Working out daily doesn’t just take you one step ahead in your fitness journey, but also takes care of your daily routine, productivity, mood, energy, and general well-being” he adds.

Your fitness journey isn’t a distant dream. It’s a reality that begins with your decision to start today!

Rather than waiting for a suitable time, take control of it today and shape a healthier and happier tomorrow! It can start with just waking up early in the morning and doing a few exercises that work for you. The countdown ends now – let’s make every day count!